Virtual Showroom Now Open

We are still here for you!!!!

Contact us to get details and set an appointment

Our Sales Showroom is closed, but our Virtual Showroom is open!

Contact us to get details and set an appointment

Before the Appointment

  1. Shop online - Find a vehicle “Have questions on the vehicle? email or call us “
  2. Go to “Financing on the website” Complete a couple of questions to get Pre-qualified. Our partners make a soft inquiry on your credit report to find offers and rates you will likely be approved for. This doesn’t hurt your score. When you actually apply for a loan, lenders will do a hard credit inquiry to make the final decision.
  3. Once this is completed, we will have a sales manager call you to go over the details.
  4. We will set an appointment to have you come to our dealership in a safe and sterilized environment.


  1. To get an appointment, you will need to complete the steps above. Send us an email between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  2. No walk-in appointments will be accepted. “We are receiving nearly 300 emails every day morning and due to state, Federal and City health mandates, we can only service approximately 50 people per day!
  3. If you are unable for a same-day appointment, we will call you within at least 2 days. You need to complete the steps above.
  4. Due to these circumstances, we limit the number of appointments given each day.

The safety and health of our employees and customers is always a top priority

Steps Our Dealership Is Taking to Keep Our Team & Customers Healthy

The safety and health of our employees and customers is always a top priority. We want you to be aware of the actions our dealership is taking as the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) becomes a bigger point of discussion in our daily lives.

So long as they practice adequate social distancing and take appropriate precautions in light of the outbreak. Whether (and to what extent) a dealership can continue to operate its sales

At our dealership, we are

  • Promote social distancing, we will be moving to a Service "Drop Off" model and will be asking our guests to leave their vehicles with us rather than wait in our guest lounges
  • Our service professionals will continue using rubber gloves, sanitizing wipes, and steering wheel covers to handle your vehicle
  • Dealership is sanitized 4 times a day.
  • Showroom offer Social Distancing
  • Fully sanitizing and wiping down each vehicle on the lot and that comes in for service.
  • Deep cleaning common areas used by employees and customers.
  • Providing additional hand sanitizing stations and wipes for customers and employees.
  • Instructing employees not to come in if they feel sick or experience any symptoms.
  • Offering home delivery and vehicle pick up options.
  • Offering way to shop on line

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